Feature Wall Inspiration to Freshen Up Your Living Space

Thinking of incorporating a feature wall in your home? It’s an awesome way to try different things with shading and if utilised properly creates a modern, polished and chic look for any living space.

But it’s not as simple as just slicking some paint on a wall.  An elegant feature wall needs to be considered carefully, taking into account the look, feel and dimensions of the space, as well as ensuring that the colour choice compliments the décor in the room. And your options are really only limited by your imagination.

Here are some wonderfully creative feature walls to inspire your next room renovation:

Light Hues

Light hues have the inverse impact and make the room seem bigger.
This feature wall has used some brighter pastel shades paired with a lot of white to add some punch, as well as some creative stencil work that adds a whimsical touch to this bedroom.

Geometric Designs

A dramatic effect has been created in this lounge room by using bright primary colours and bold geometric design. The horizontal strip adds length to a narrow space.

Watercolour highlights

Watercolor-inspired highlight’s add relaxing mood to the room and create a beachy, breezy feel.

Fresh and Bold

Fresh, bold and modern. This lime green feature panel also has the utility of a built in shelf, perfect for displaying books and decorative pieces.


Clever use of vertical strips adds height to any room. This shabby chic design of rose quartz stripes on white is as elegant as it is bold.

Feeling Inspired?

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