The Pantone Spring 2015 colour chart has been released! Inspired by nature, the soft cool tones blend with subtle warmer colours to create a quite calm.

Sooth your soul and design a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of with these on-trend living space inspirations for spring.

Scuba Blue

A cool yet invigorating shade for the modern home. Use it as a courageous accent or as a feature wall for a light-hearted vibe.

Toasted Almond

A hearty shade with a touch of complexity. A matte completion highlights Marsalas natural nature while a sheen finish conveys a message of allure and extravagance.

Consider utilising this fiery shade of tangerine as a part of a funky kitchen makeover.  It is a bold choice,  however when used sparingly like this, the outcome is warm and fun.

Lucite Green

An alleviating green shade that compliments a calm living space. Cool and reviving, Lucite Green has a freshness that is hard to deny. Pair with  fresh whites and neutrals to enhance its overall effect.

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